7_Would interruption of the service endanger life, personal safety or health?

Dispute resolution: Essential services

Would interruption of the service endanger the life, personal safety or health of the whole or part of the population?

“The following may be considered to be essential services:

  • the hospital sector;
  • electricity services;
  • water supply services;
  • the telephone service;
  • air traffic control.”

CEACR 1994 General Survey, para. 152.

“The following do not constitute essential services in the strict sense of the term:

  • radio and television;
  • the petroleum sector and ports;
  • banking;
  • computer services for the collection of excise duties and taxes;
  • department stores and pleasure parks;
  • the metal and mining sectors;
  • transport generally;
  • refrigeration enterprises;
  • hotel services;
  • construction;
  • automobile manufacturing;
  • aircraft repair, agricultural activities the supply and distribution of foodstuffs;
  • the Mint, the government printing service and the state alcohol, salt and tobacco monopolies;
  • the education sector;
  • metropolitan transport;
  • postal services.”

CFA Compilation of 2018, para. 842