Denial of facilities for workers’ representatives

1. Such facilities in the undertaking shall be afforded to workers' representatives as may be appropriate in order to enable them to carry out their functions promptly and efficiently.

2. In this connection account shall be taken of the characteristics of the industrial relations system of the country and the needs, size and capabilities of the undertaking concerned.

3. The granting of such facilities shall not impair the efficient operation of the undertaking concerned.

(See also: Recommendation No. 143, para. 9-17

According to principles of the ILO supervisory bodies, workers’ representatives shall:

  • Have access to the workplace;
  • Be provided with the appropriate facilities;
  • Be authorized to collect dues regularly on the premises of the undertaking;
  • Should be afforded the necessary time off from work, without loss of pay or social and fringe benefits, for carrying out their functions.

 (CFA Compilation of 2018, para. 1579-1609)